column form-wood fORM

Wooden circular column formwork is widely used in circular building pillar projects because of its good quality, convenient construction and repeated use. Instead of the traditional old circular formwork, it is mainly used in circular column engineering of construction. It is superior to similar products in terms of installation efficiency, time of pouring concrete and mold removal, etc. It is a new initiative of modular construction of circular column engineering.

6 advantages of wooden circular column formwork

  1. This product is made of high-quality birch poplar using high-strength waterproof phenolic glue. It is made by high-pressure shaping of a special shaping hot press, epoxy coating by secondary rolling, and surface treatment by far-infrared drying hot water line. circular column formwork has the characteristics of strong adhesive force, light weight, high resistance to expansion pressure, and good water resistance. The wooden circular column formwork has good air permeability, and the epoxy resin crystal has good mold release properties, which can shorten the concrete setting time and ensure that the concrete product achieves high-quality results.

  2 , circular column formwork is spliced by the arc length and a radius of bending from the plate, composed of a cylinder, elliptical cylinder or other shaped cylinder. It can be drilled and cut into special sizes and shapes according to the needs of the project. It has light weight, simple secondary processing technology, large format, and small number of joints, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the mold support. The company’s patented groove technology is used on both sides of the product to effectively solve the problem of running slurry during construction. The concave-convex groove design is used at the interface of the formwork to make the joints tightly combined to prevent running and leaking, which can make the demoulding of the concrete fast and beautiful, while also stabilizing and reinforcing.

3. The wooden formwork is lighter and lighter than the steel formwork, and can be assembled without large lifting equipment, which improves the efficiency of mold loading and shortens the construction period. The size of the steel formwork is a standard specification and it takes a long time to customize . The wooden round formwork has a full range of specifications. Any specifications can be produced according to the requirements of the drawings. The production cycle is short.

 4. It can be arbitrarily cut. During the construction process, the construction unit often encounters points that need to be overlapped, such as roof beams and columns. Especially in the case of bridges, temples, and other columns, and the structure is complex, the limitations of steel molds and their own cannot be arbitrary Cutting often causes great difficulties in actual construction. With its good structural performance, the square circle template can be cut according to the actual size, which reduces the construction difficulty and shortens the construction period for the constructor.

  5. The matching fasteners designed and developed by the company in combination with the characteristics of the wooden circular formwork have also undergone innovations. The second generation of snap-on and nut-type fasteners perfectly realized convenient demolding, fast installation, and truly achieved Emancipate Productivity. Our company’s template matching clamps have obtained utility model patents, and customers can use them with confidence.

  6. The cylinder is smooth and well formed. It is made of large-faced plywood with less splicing. The birch poplar material also ensures the high strength and toughness of the template. The epoxy resin coating on the inside and outside is not only smooth and waterproof, but also has A certain degree of air permeability, the concrete column is not only smooth and well formed, the visual and hand feel is excellent, the overall effect is better than other similar products, and belongs to the clean water formwork.