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5 advantages of wooden column formwork compared to plastic bellows

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Reinforcement method: The reinforcement of the column formwork is assisted by supporting steel belts. The two semicolumn formwork plates are fastened with a unique concave and convex groove. The peripheral supporting steel belts are hooped at an average distance of 30cm, and then they can be adjusted vertically with a rack tube. The plastic corrugated pipe has no concave and convex groove design, and can only be turned once. If it is used for the second time, the plastic pipe must be sawed with a hacksaw. The joints are easy to leak , and the plastic corrugated pipe is not reinforced with steel belts. Reinforce it with wood and adjust it vertically with steel pipes. From the perspective of the reinforcement method, the column formwork has obvious advantages.

Purchasing cost: The price of column formwork is calculated in squares. Take a cylinder with a diameter of 600mm and a height of 3 meters as an example. The total square number is 3.14 * 0.6 * 3 = 5.652 squares. Calculated at 100 yuan per square, a column formwork. The cost is 565 yuan. Based on repeated use 10 times, the cost of each use is 56.5 yuan. The 600mm diameter plastic bellows are between 200-300 yuan. According to the turnover twice, the cost of each use is 100-150 yuan. So: from the perspective of procurement costs, the advantages of column formwork are also obvious.

  Turnover times: Under normal use, the turnover of column formwork is 8-10 times, and it can reach 15 times if used well. The plastic bellows are generally discarded after 1-2 use. Therefore, the turnover of column formwork is obviously more than that of plastic bellows.

Demoulding effect: Modern engineering pays attention to high efficiency and high quality. The demoulding effect of the column formwork is clean water effect. The cylindrical surface is as smooth as a mirror, no pitting, excellent touch, and no secondary repair is required. However, the cylindrical surface of the plastic corrugated pipe has a wavy pattern, which is extremely ineffective and requires secondary repair. From the two pictures below, it can be seen that the difference between the demolding effect is obvious.

Construction cycle : The use of column formwork can greatly shorten the construction period, which can be operated by two people. The use of a special steel belt for the cylinder improves the mold release efficiency of the mold, and the plastic bellows affects the construction cycle because there is no special reinforcement steel belt.