Elevator Shaft Formwork


Elevator Shaft  Platform

   — Concrete Formwork for Elevator Shaft or lift core

Elevator Shaft Platform is a formwork system for forming concrete core of building. The gravity pawls support the whole platform and do not required scaffolding. It is also tractable to form up or strip off the formwork by expanding or contracting the stripping corner.The whole system is designed to be lifted by the crane and to continue the work on upper floor.


-Self-supportive by platform, and coverd top

-PP plastic plywood sheets can be replaced

-Strong & light (made by aluminum)

-Less material waste compared to traditional methods hand formed methods

-Custom made available for different sizes

-Highly reusable


-Labor & time efficient

-Able to be disassembled for more space on site

-Avoid the risk for high-rise working

-Can withstand 4000kgs on the platform

-Safer working area


Stripping cornerm,Latch box,Base platform,Clamp,Aluminum alloy structure,Tie rod tube


   width and length can be custom

   height 1600mm 2400mm or stack .