shear wall Surface

Advantages of using the new steel backing system in the shear wall reinforcement system and Composition and accessories:

Composition and accessories:


1. Steel instead of wood, material advantages: made of all steel production and processing, steel instead of wood, all made of Q235 square steel keel processing and production, no fastener, wood and other consumables, to protect the sustainable development of forest resources.

2. With many turnover times, the average usage cost is low: at the same time, the steel surface is treated with technology, which can withstand repeated construction wear and tear in the process of construction, and is durable, and can be recycled at least 400 times, saving construction cost.

3. Construction convenience and high efficiency: the construction operation of tianjian new section steel backing system is simple and safe. As long as the construction instructions of tianjian building materials engineer are followed, the construction operation with high efficiency can be carried out to guarantee the construction quality.

4. The wide scope of application: this kind of mould tool application range is very wide, can be applied to all aspects of the architectural template reinforcement engineering, such as shear wall, door, stairs, roof, frame column, in the reinforcement construction of special-shaped columns and so on, this mode branch of huge system characteristics is the breakthrough the limitations of traditional template reinforcement structure, can common to most of the construction environment.

5. Good concrete surface effect after mold removal: after mold removal of the formwork, the surface quality of the concrete is smooth and clean, basically to meet the requirements of finishing and fair-faced concrete, no need for secondary plastering, can save construction costs.

6. Clean and clean construction site: all accessories can be reused. After mold removal, there will be no garbage on site, and the construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.