Basic knowledge of circular column formworks

Circular column formwork is used in many places in the construction industry, and it is also a very commonly used architectural formwork. Today we will introduce the basic knowledge of circular column formwork. The circular column formwork is composed of three parts: a panel, a supporting structure and a connecting piece, wherein the panel is a load-bearing slab that directly contacts the newly poured concrete. Then, the supporting structure is a temporary structure supporting the face plate, concrete and construction load, which can ensure that the circular column formwork structure is firmly combined so that it will not be damaged or deformed. Otherwise, the connector is an accessory that connects the panel and the support structure as a whole.

Various types of template structures use different materials and have different functions, but their template structures are composed of three parts.

   1. circular column formwork panel

   is a load-bearing slab directly in contact with freshly poured concrete. Without a formwork panel, the newly poured concrete structure cannot be cast into shape.

   2. circular column formwork supporting structure

   is a structure that supports various loads generated by newly poured concrete and formwork panel loads and construction loads to ensure that the formwork structure is firmly combined so as not to deform or destroy.

   3. Connector

   is a component that connects the circular column formwork panel and the support structure into a whole, so that the formwork structure is combined into a whole