Beam Clamp Introduction and Installation Video

Beam clamps and beam-column joint reinforcements are new products specially developed by Square Circle Formwork Company for the reinforcement of beams and beam-column joints that are difficult to construct during project construction.

The introduction of this product can solve the problems of poor beam forming effect in traditional reinforcement methods and troublesome reinforcement operation of beam-column joints.

It has great advantages and comparability in practicality and economy.

Beam clamp characteristics

The operation is convenient and fast, and the concrete forming effect is good. It is possible to avoid setting a pull-out screw in the reinforcement of the beam formwork.

Beam clamp applicable model


Beam clmap installation steps

1) Prepare the beam clmap and various accessories, mainly including fixed parts, adjustable parts, fixed oblique iron, etc.

2). First, the bottom support of the beam is erected with a steel frame tube and a connecting buckle, and the beam template is arranged on the bottom support of the beam. Put the beam clmap fixing piece on the beam template, and add φ48 steel pipe as a support below, and the fixing piece is provided with screw holes. The beam clmap fixing piece can be connected to the wooden side of the beam template with nails or self-tapping.

The adjustable part of the beam clmap is connected with the fixed part, and the adjustable part is also provided with screw holes, which can be connected with the template through the wooden square.

After the beam clmap and adjustable parts are installed, insert the oblique iron to strengthen it firmly.