Column Formworks are in the hot market

There is no doubt that the price of customized column formwork is more affordable, but our sales team is from the customer’s point of view, so the pricing is more in line with the market.As we know, DOKA and PARE have a very long history in the market of building formworks, which deserves every formwork manufacturer’s respect.However, due to a variety of constraints, not all customers are suitable for their products, which is true.The high price of the forming system really makes some small and medium-sized projects difficult to accept.Through market research, we developed more targeted formworks to ensure the quality while considering the cost of customers.Wood is the best choice.Wood is not incompatible with natural ecology.Because the formwork is used 10 to 15 times.It’s kind of an offsetting process.In terms of price, column formworks have the advantage of using metal formworks for the same money.You can do the same thing.Of course, moving a large metal formwork is more dangerous than moving a wooden one.Fangyuan wooden building column formwork has gone through four generations of products since it was put into production, and now it is a mature product recognized by the majority of construction enterprises.The column  formwork is simple in structure, easy to make and easy to disassemble.With light weight, industrial construction, construction of concrete surface smooth, and its waterproof performance, thermal insulation performance, corrosion resistance to a good level.For more product details, visit alibaba stores.

circle column formwork