concrete curing methods and concrete curing practices

The curing of concrete adopts natural curing. During the curing of concrete with mold, measures such as wrapping with mold, watering and spraying should be taken to maintain moisture and moisture, so as to ensure that the joints of the formwork will not lose water and dry.

In order to ensure smooth mold removal, the formwork can be slightly loosened after 24 ~ 48h of concrete pouring, and continue to water and maintain until after mold removal, and then continue to moisturize to the specified age.

The horizontal members such as beam and plate are covered and watered for maintenance: under the natural conditions with the average temperature higher than 5℃, the concrete surface is covered and watered for maintenance with the covering material, so that the concrete maintains the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions required for hydration within a certain period of time.

Cover watering and maintenance shall comply with the following provisions:

1. Watering and curing shall be carried out within 12h after concrete pouring.

2, concrete watering curing time, the use of Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement and other mixed concrete, not less than 7d.

3, watering times according to can keep the concrete in a wet state to decide.

4, the average temperature of the day below 5℃, do not water.

For the concrete column using thin film maintenance: the use of impermeable water, air membrane maintenance.

The open part of the column surface is covered with a thin film cloth to ensure that the concrete can be fully maintained without losing water.

Curing must maintain the film cloth has condensed water.