Detailed explanation of the thickness of the Circular column formwork

  Generally, everyone thinks that the thicker the thicker the formwork, the better the quality will be, and it will be more advantageous when used. So many people will choose a thick formwork to buy, but in fact the manufacturer will be producing To control the thickness of the column formwork within a suitable range, let us analyze whether the thickness of the column formwork is as thick as possible.

1 , the manufacturer during the production of column formwork is going to be controlling the thickness within an appropriate range, rather than the production of very thick, uniform thickness column formwork is the product manufacturer ‘s production standards, in fact, we When you buy it on the market, you will find that there is no special round formwork. There is a reason for this.                

2 , the round formwork manufacturer is fully capable of making it thicker when it is produced, but this is completely unnecessary, because the column formwork is in full compliance with the standard of use. If the thickening is to waste the plate, at the same time thickening will increase the weight of the column formwork, which may lead to a decrease in its carrying capacity; and if it is thicker, the film on the outer surface of the production when it is produced. Paper is more prone to cracks, which can cause problems.                 

3 , after a summary site construction experience, in fact, moderate thickness using a column formwork quality and service life are more advantageous, such as thickness of 14mm turnaround times than the necessary 16 or 18mm turnaround times to be more column formwork Therefore, the thickness of the original formwork is not as thick as possible.                

4 , so when you choose the round formwork, don’t fall into the misunderstanding of the thicker the quality of the plate, but you should choose the high quality round formwork according to different aspects, but also pay attention to not only pay attention to its price but ignore it. The quality of the product itself.