How do I prevent the circular column Formwork from tilting

At present, when carrying out the formwork of concrete cylinders, basically a new circular column formwork is used. Inclination of the concrete circular column formwork is a very rare construction formwork supporting accident in building construction, but we are still not sure that it will not occur, so it must be prevented in advance. The prerequisite for prevention is to know that What is the cause of this kind of accident? How can I avoid the tilting accident of the circular column formwork?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the bottom of the circular column formwork is less than one centimeter from the ground during the construction of the supporting form. Then we analyze the problem that may cause the cylindrical template to tilt during the whole process.

The wooden circular column formwork is tilted. One may be that the supporting system supports are not well equipped. The second may be that the ground of the support system equipment has collapsed, causing the circular column formwork to tilt. The third is probably that the fittings are not well equipped. This is why the circular column formwork is tilted.