How to choose shear wall Formwork

The use of shear wall reinforcement is related to the construction quality of the shear wall. The selection of all shear wall reinforcement is very important. Before the emergence of new shear wall reinforcement, the reinforcement of the shear wall was made of wood or steel pipes. For reinforcement, this method requires a lot of other accessories to assist, which is very inconvenient, and the speed is relatively slow, which seriously affects the progress of building construction, so a new type of shear wall reinforcement has been developed. This new type of shear wall reinforcement, made of 8 # steel, has a simple structure and has been verified during the construction process. Can improve the efficiency of building construction.

shear wall in construction site

The construction of shear wall reinforcements with diameters of 800 and 850mm belongs to common specifications. It has a wide range of use and a large market demand. The average thickness of the formwork is 17.5cm, the height of one is 3 meters, and the height is less than 3 meters. The factory can be customized.

The detailed description of the performance parameters of 800 and 850mm diameter building shear wall supports. Basic structure: The shear wall reinforcements with diameters of 800 and 850mm are composed of two semi-circles. When the semi-circles are butted, there is a sub-groove design. After the sub-groove is engaged, the gap is small, which can effectively prevent slurry leakage. The formwork is made of wood material, which is convenient for cutting. It is very convenient in the construction of beam-column joints and shear wall columns. Since steel templates cannot be cut, more and more construction units use wooden shear wall reinforcement. Market price: According to the different quantities ordered in different areas, the price of the 800mm diameter shear wall support is 120-130 yuan / square. According to customer requirements, equipped with special VAT tickets, delivery lists, inspection reports, manufacturer qualifications, etc. Supporting reinforcement introduction: The shear wall reinforcement with a diameter of 800mm is made of galvanized steel belt with a width of 4.5cm and high strength. It uses reinforced bolts. It is equipped with 10 sets of steel belts for the entire 3 meters and can be poured at a time under 7 meters. Utilization: Under normal use, the turnover is generally more than 8 times, and the mold release agent needs to be brushed every time. Pay attention to the appropriate and effective service life. Demoulding effect: 800- and 850-mm-diameter building shear wall reinforcements are made of high-quality birch wood material, with a waterproof epoxy resin film on the surface, good breathability, light weight, fast installation, and clear water after concrete pouring Effect, no honeycomb pits on the surface of the column, smooth surface, high gloss, high strength, good appearance.

Shear wall reinforcement use: widely used in concrete cast-in-place cylindrical construction, in civil housing construction, garden venues, villa modeling, architecture, roads, bridges, new school projects, etc. At the same time, it can be divided into inner and outer circles, and the inner circle uses the outer diameter The inner diameter of the outer circle is commonly used in rainwater inspection well construction. Ordering process: First send samples free of charge according to the needs of customers, after understanding the product performance, count the number, height and number of building shear wall reinforcements used. After the deposit is paid in advance, the manufacturer starts to process and customize.