How to construct a concrete building circular column formwork with a wooden formwork? 6 large construction techniques – round construction mould.

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The construction unit usually uses circular column wooden formwork for the construction of the circular column building formwork, so how is it carried out? I will introduce you :

1. Use wire to assist the fastening. We know that the diameter of the circular formwork varies from 250mm to 2000mm. The small-diameter formwork can be directly engaged by hand. When the large-diameter formwork is encountered, it is difficult for one person to effectively control due to the large diameter. At this point, the two semi-circles can be initially snapped together, and then the wire is fastened around the circular column formwork one week. Because the two steel strips at the bottom are the most difficult to reinforce, the auxiliary fastening of the wire will make the initial two strips very easy.

2. Clean up in time and brush the release agent in time. After the demoulding, the formwork will inevitably be stained with concrete mortar. It will be difficult to clean up after a long time. After demoulding, the installation workers should be arranged in time to clean up. After the mortar is cleaned, the mold release agent should be evenly brushed, which improves the stripping effect and prolongs the number of reuse of the circular column formwork.

3. Clean the circular formwork concave groove with a transparent tape. The unique concave and convex groove design is a design highlight of the formwork. It can effectively prevent the slurry from running, but the number of times of turnover is more than that, the concave and convex grooves will inevitably enter the concrete mortar, and the cleaning work is very complicated. It can be pasted in the concave-convex groove by using Scotch tape before use, and then installed. Once it enters the mortar, it is only necessary to tear off the transparent tape and replace it with a new one. A small piece of transparent tape can solve the complicated cleaning work of the groove in the groove.

4, misplaced overlap. We know that the general height of the wooden circular column formwork is between 0 and 3 meters. When the height of the circular column part exceeds 3 meters, it is installed by the misalignment method. For example, a cylinder having a diameter of 500 can be operated by a 3+2 meter misalignment method when the height is 5 meters. A semi-circular joint on the top and bottom can be reinforced with a matching steel strip.

5. The bottom formwork platform is filled with mortar. Before installation, in order to prevent slurry leakage at the joint between the bottom and the installation platform, the mortar can be used to fill the bottom with mortar. On the one hand, it can prevent slurry leakage, on the other hand, it is easier to remove the mold.

6, beam and column integrated support. Due to the wood characteristics of the formwork, it can be cut arbitrarily. According to the size of the beam, the circular column formwork is cut, the joint is perfectly docked, and the concrete can be poured in one time, which greatly reduces the pouring time and improves the pouring efficiency.