Installation procedure of shear wall reinforcement

According to the construction drawings, the main wall wall and accessories shall be arranged for the installation of reinforcing parts. The perpendicularity and flatness of shear wall formwork shall be tested by professional equipment and corresponding adjustments shall be made.
The interval of wooden square arrangement is generally between 150mm-200mm, specific to the specific situation of the project to decide, the influence factor has the thickness of the wall and the cement degree of the concrete.
Special position reinforcement, mainly Yin Angle, Yang Angle, L – shaped reinforcement, connecting plate, tensile reinforcement.
Reinforce the position of pull bolt, the reinforcement system on both sides of the wall adopts the connection of pull bolt rod, the transverse spacing of pull bolt rod is between 600mm-800mm, specific according to the project, apply PVC pipe to the drawing wire.
U – shaped wall position reinforcement, U – shaped wall in the use of the reinforcement, can be adjusted through the middle of the hole for fine tuning, specific operation method drink straight back shushu similar.
Concrete pouring, before concrete pouring, check the reinforcement system again, to see if there are any problems such as inclined iron is not tight, screw loose, and make immediate adjustment.
Shear wall reinforcement removed, according to the previous installation steps reverse operation, first loosen the nut, remove the accessories, and then remove the reinforcement.
The shear wall reinforcement shall be cleaned and used upside down. After the reinforcement is removed, the residual concrete and other residues shall be cleaned up in time, and continue to be used on the upper layer through the special reserved holes.

Maintenance and precautions
Shear wall reinforcement system before the factory, to do galvanized treatment, placed in the wet environment oxidation and damage to the product.
Therefore, corresponding to the use of the product in the process of use or the use of the storage process, the product surface galvanized layer damage needs to be timely anti-oxidation treatment.
Shear wall reinforcement system includes straight back lenz L type lenz, in which the l-type lenz welding Angle is the standard 90 degree Angle (vertical), in the use process, especially in the process of product disassembly and inverted use, it is strictly prohibited to throw objects at high altitude, in order to prevent product deformation.

As a new product, shear wall reinforcement system follows the principles of energy conservation and environmental protection.
Reinforcement system is according to the specific construction drawings of the project, one to one special production, must according to the drawing requirements selected materials reinforcement, can not be used randomly, mixed.