Maintenance of shear wall reinforcement

The shear wall reinforcement system is an important part of shear wall construction. The quality of the shear wall reinforcement system directly affects the forming effect of concrete, which in turn affects the overall quality of the project.

At the same time, the shear wall reinforcement system is a recyclable part that can meet the entire construction process from the beginning to the end of the project. Product reuse must be accompanied by product maintenance and maintenance, as follows.

1. Before the delivery of the reinforcement system, the company will conduct galvanizing treatment to prevent oxidation in a humid environment and damage to the product. Therefore, during the use of the product or the storage process after the use, the damage to the galvanized layer on the surface of the product requires timely anti-oxidation treatment.

2. The reinforcement system includes straight plates and l-shaped plates, where the welding angle of the l-shaped plates is a standard 90-degree angle (vertical). During the use of the product, especially during the disassembly and reuse of the product, throwing objects at high altitude is strictly prohibited to prevent the product from being deformed.

3. As a new product, the shear wall reinforcement system follows the principles of energy conservation and environmental protection. The reinforcement system is made according to the specific construction drawings of the project, set by set, and must be reinforced according to the requirements of the drawings. It cannot be used randomly or mixed.

4. The shear wall reinforcement system is an innovative product. Changing traditional construction methods and accepting new reinforcement methods requires a transition and acceptance process. In the early stage of promotion, Party A’s project department and project construction personnel must have an absolute understanding of the product. Business personnel must obtain written confirmation from the project builder (labor personnel) before placing an order, and cooperate on the basis of full understanding.

5. The cooperation project can provide on-site installation guidance in the early stage of promotion (but only responsible for guidance, not responsible for actual installation), and the sales staff can provide on-site installation guidance after familiarization.