Material advantages of Material advantages of circular column formwork

1. The materials are excellent, the thickness is sufficient, the toughness and texture of the material are good, and under the same volume, it is about 10% or more than the general building formwork.

2. The circular column formwork has stable performance, the diameter is accurate and does not deform, and the diameter will not change for one to three years. It is suitable for ancient buildings, temples, railway stations, exhibition centers, bridge pillars and so on.

3. The size is accurate, and all size errors are within 2mm.

4. The circular column formwork has good adhesion, and the tensile test is all above 1.2mp.

5. The surface is smooth, without indentation cracks and carbonization. After use, the effect of water is better, and if it is properly maintained, it can be turned more than ten times.

The product is made of high-quality birch poplar as the substrate, covered with PP plastic film, which has the high-quality characteristics of the wooden formwork and the plastic formwork. The main keel wood is bonded with imported phenolic glue and fixed with steel tape.

Form a strong wooden arch support, so as to cooperate with the clamp to fix the circular column formwork for concrete pouring.

The interface of the formwork adopts concave and convex groove design, which makes the joints tightly combined, prevents the slurry from leaking, and makes the concrete demoulding not only fast and beautiful, but also has a stable reinforcement effect.