Move to New Factory

As business scope becoming bigger and bigger, a larger workshop / living quarter is needed.

Headquarter decide to buy a new plot,rather than enlarge our worshop in the same location.

Year 2020, a new factory was built at : G206 cross with Chuangye Road, Yitang town, Lanshan Dist. Linyi,

Show Room

Our products Series:

Circular Column Form, Dia 250mm~4000mm
Column Form Clamp & Beam Clamp
Shear wall clampsave 30% labor & time
Curved wall, water tank formwork, ready to use
Rigid Stud – 200 times usage
Tie rod, Free of sleeve

We serve more than 10,000 projects in 2020 , The key to success is “forming concrete easily”

Welcom to Square Circle Formwork