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Hudson Light Job
Hudson Light job in Fort Lee, NJ, USA

Hudson Light Job,USA

Commercial Properties

  • Adopted product: PP Plastic Plywood formwork with 16mm, 40,000 sheets
  • Save 20% of cost
  • Save 40% of time

"Building trust is a fun process, and when you actually use the template, you'll appreciate the efficiency and cost savings.
This is a trusted class of column formwork.
I will continue to use it in my other projects. "

- CEO at Hudson Light Job

Infrastructure projects in India

Commercial Properties

  • Use circular column formwork 
  • Inner Diameter 1000mm-1450mm
  • Interval of steel belts 250mm

"India's infrastructure projects are particularly suited to the role of circular column formwork.
Because improved construction efficiency.
For developing countries, this is a big plus.
Thanks for China's wisdom and solutions.
Very effective"
- CEO at Infrastructure Projects In India

Location: Marina, San Francisco
Subway Project In China

Subway Porjucts in JiNan,China

Commercial Properties

  • Specification:250-550mm; 600-1200mm; 1300-1550mm; 1600-4200mm
  • Material:Plywood
  • Surface:Plastic Attached

"来自山东方圆建筑材料有限公司的圆柱模板真的是太棒了。混凝土圆柱的表面像镜面一样光滑,而且十分的经济。要知道银行一天的利息是十分昂贵的,而且周转的次数有10到15次。非常的划算,再次感谢这个模板,真的太划算了 - 张益达, CEO at Building Company in China

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