Quality standard and inspection method in concrete engineering construction

1. Key points of quality inspection

(1) sand, stone and cement sampling results are qualified.

(2) the mixing ratio report of laboratory concrete has been issued.

And in the mixer set up a concrete mix proportion plate.

(3) the formwork and its supports must have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability. The joints of the formwork should be tight and the formwork should be clean without sundries

(4) the steel bar should be straight and evenly spaced, and the horse stool should be placed according to the specifications. When pouring concrete, the negative bending moment bar should be prevented from flattening and displacement, and the protective layer should be paid attention to.

(5) the concrete surface has no pockmarked surface, leaky reinforcement, honeycomb and holes.

(6) in the process of concrete pouring, construction joints shall not be retained at will. In case of special circumstances, construction joints shall be retained strictly in accordance with the method of retention and treatment

(7) allowable deviation and inspection method of size of cast-in-place concrete structure

2. Inspection method

The quality of general items has passed the sampling inspection;

When using counting test, except for special requirements, the pass point rate of general items shall reach 80% or above, and no serious defects shall be found.

Observation: no matter what kind of material is used to make the template, its joints should be guaranteed not to leak.

Wood template watering and wetting is conducive to joint closure without leakage of slurry, but because of watering and wetting after expansion, wood template installation of the joint should not be too tight.

The inside of the formwork and the contact surface with the concrete should be cleaned to avoid slag inclusion and other defects.

Level or wiring, steel ruler inspection: the embedded parts, reserved holes and reserved holes fixed on the template shall not be omitted, and shall be installed firmly, and the deviation shall be in accordance with the provisions.