Reinforcement method of shear wall

1. Enlarged cross-section structure reinforcement method

When the wall load-bearing capacity does not meet the standard requirements, or when the wall specifications, reinforcement diagrams and axial compression ratios do not meet the requirements, or when the wall concrete has a slightly lower compressive strength or the construction quality has serious shortcomings , Can use two sides of the original wall, one or two sides or part of the building reinforced concrete post-casting method to carry out structural reinforcement. Increasing the thickness of the concrete layer is determined by the calculation, and it should generally be ≥60mm; increasing the compressive strength of the concrete is one level higher than the original concrete, and it should not be less than C25; : Longitudinal reinforcement ≥10-12, interval 150-200, horizontal reinforcement ≥8-10, interval 150-200, vertical bars in, horizontal bars out. To increase the reinforcement mesh and the original wall, there must be a reliable connection. Generally, the tie bar or the chemical plant bar connection can be used. The specifications of tie bars and chemically planted steel bars are generally Φ6-8, the interval between the tie bars is 900, and the interval between chemically planted bars is 600. The red plum layout is generally used.

2. Reinforcement of thick steel plate structure

When the wall is not enough because of the horizontal reinforcement diagram, the structure can be reinforced by sticking thick steel plates, that is, the horizontal galvanized flat steel is set on the surface of the wall. When the vertical reinforcement of the wall is not enough, the structure pasted with thick steel plates is not suitable for implementation and is not suitable for selection. The specifications and models of galvanized flat steel are determined by calculation. Generally, (80-120) * (3-4) @ 300-500 is adopted. For galvanized flat steel, chemical bolts should be selected for additional reinforcement. The end of the galvanized flat steel beam needs reliable steel bar anchorage. Generally, the steel bar anchor angle iron can be set at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical walls. The galvanized flat steel is welded to it by welding.

3. Reinforcement method of composite grid structure

When the earthquake resistance level of the wall, the crack resistance fiber is not enough, the axial force of the wall is stressed, or the compressive strength of the concrete on the wall is not enough, the structural reinforcement system software can be used to reinforce the structure. The composite grid system structural reinforcement system software is based on the mutual effect of carbon fiber materials and special wet spout concrete cement mortar, fully combining the advantages of raw materials, and maintaining the bonding of the composite grid map and the precast concrete components, exceeding the actual effect of mutual support. Generally, the grip strength of composite materials and cement mortar is not great. According to the card, a special coating is applied on the surface of the composite material to ensure the grip strength between the cement mortar and the composite material. The thickness of cement mortar and the number of superimposed layers of the composite grid map can be clearly defined according to the specific situation on the spot. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the composite grid map is 15mm. Moreover, the fire safety characteristics of the composite grid diagram are excellent, and the thickness of the protective layer of 1cm cement mortar reaches the fire safety standard of 60min.

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