Shear wall reinforcement

Shear wall reinforcementIt is better to compare the reinforcement of formwork and the reinforcement of the shear wall of the square radius building mold.But the traditional round pipe wood reinforcement is difficult to meet the building requirements.Therefore, in order to solve this problem, fangyuan construction mould technology co., ltd. developed a new building formwork reinforcement system in the actual construction, which doubled the construction speed and removal effect.Precision, scientific, reasonable, safe, reliable, light, easy to understand, easy to install and disassemble, can be operated by some relevant professionals.Square construction mold products made of steel, strong and not easy to deformation, light weight, easy for workers to carry and construction, save time and effort.Shear wall reinforcement pieces are covered with traditional wood reinforcement, solving traditional wood reinforcement problems such as mold lift, mold run, mud leakage, deformation, rotting roots and wrong platforms.