The 7-meter-high Circular column formwork needs to be poured in stages.

7-Meter-High Circular Column Formwork
7-Meter-High Circular Column Formwork

1.When supporting the round formwork,the construction staff first buckled the wooden round formwork into a full circle with the reinforced steel belts and screws that we distributed to customers for free, and reinforced the foundation with steel belts on the periphery. When strengthening, be sure to ensure that the upper and lower steel belts have the same degree of tightness, and that all screws are not on a vertical line.

2. After tightening the screws and strengthening the steel belt, the construction customer must add four wooden squares of 5 * 10cm vertically around the formwork, and use four steel pipes to fix the wooden squares, and the distance between the upper and lower steel pipes is maintained 100cm is the best, so that it can not only protect the wooden cylindrical formwork, but also buffer the pressure of the vibrating rod, so that the concrete produced is better. [PS: If the vibration is not in place, the cast concrete column will produce a honeycomb surface. ] At the same time, such protection is also beneficial to the vertical positioning of the wooden circular formwork of the building, so that the formwork’s stress forms a whole, and the effect of secondary reinforcement is achieved.

3. Reinforce concrete before pouring; it is recommended that customers within 1200mm in diameter, 7 meters high can be poured at a time; columns with a diameter of more than 1200mm, 7 meters high, please pour twice.

The reinforcement of the wooden construction round formwork is the most important part in the process of using the wooden round formwork. If the reinforcement is not in place, it will directly affect the use of the wooden round formwork; if it is properly reinforced, not only the poured columns are smooth and vertical, but also Greatly improve the turnover of the wooden round formwork.

circular column formwork weight

Diameter 1500mm, about 56KG per piece; diameter 1900mm, about 70KG per piece.

Diameter 1250mm, about 42KG per piece; diameter 1650mm, about 62KG per piece.

Diameter 1000mm, each piece is about 37KG; diameter 1400mm, each piece is about 52KG.

The wooden round formwork is made of high-quality birch poplar, which is characterized by lighter weight than ordinary poplar, and has high strength, good toughness and easy construction. It is made of plywood with large surface coverage, and the inner and outer epoxy resin coatings are smooth, waterproof and have certain breathability.