The appearance of column formwork clamp has its own background.

In the current development situation of the construction industry, the construction requirements for the construction industry are getting higher and higher, and the restrictions on the construction period are becoming more and more obvious.

With the acceleration of the pace, the society is in a fast pace, which inevitably requires the efficiency of the construction industry, which leads to the acceleration of the reinforcement, which is the reason for the efficiency of the column formwork clamp, and this rapid improvement also makes the construction period shorter.

The traditional reinforcement method can not keep pace with the development of the construction industry now, and it is an inevitable way to eliminate.

The traditional reinforcement method of building materials is used more, the construction steps are complex, the casting process is prone to mold out, the cast after the square column needs to be repaired, and so on, all of these slow down the pace of construction, make the time limit for a project to be extended again and again, resulting in the waste of resources.

Of course, the high demand of environmental protection is reflected in the construction industry, which is to reduce the generation of garbage. After all, the harm of such garbage is very high.

The appearance of column formwork clamp means that the construction company does not need to use the method of wall screws to reinforce the house owner any more. It also means that the construction company does not need to spend more money to hire an experienced old teacher to reinforce the square column, and it does not need to worry about the problems such as mold running and mold rising.

Column formwork clamp levels in the installation was conducted for installation, can have the best reinforcement effect, so in the installation, use high tape measure the height of the same line, then the column formwork clamp four pieces of card board two two-phase buckle is installed on the height of the same line, and then insert the wedge iron, using a hammer, let the iron wedge fixed tightly.

Column formwork clamp improve the efficiency of the entire construction industry, shortened the time limit for a project required to build building, this reflected the great save, save resources, saving manpower, cost savings, etc., this is in line with the new requirements of social development, at the same time as the column formwork clamp environmentally friendly features, which makes the column formwork clamp promotion on a step, is also the column formwork clamp and efficient cause.