The circular column formwork improves the construction efficiency

The long construction period of the construction industry is already a routine operation that everyone is familiar with. How to improve efficiency? The introduction of a circular column formowrk can be said to solve this problem. The circular column formowrk improves construction efficiency.

First of all, the circular column formowrk is composed of three parts: a panel, a supporting structure and a connecting piece, wherein the panel is a bearing plate directly contacting the newly poured concrete. Then, the support structure is a temporary structure supporting the panel, concrete and construction load, which ensures that the circular column formowrk structure is firmly combined so as not to be broken and deformation is not caused. In addition, the connector is an accessory that connects the panel to the support structure as a whole. Using a round wood formwork, a group of 2-3 workers can install 10-16 trees in eight hours. Is it very fast? This is invisible in advance, and the installation speed is faster.

For the production of circular column formowrk, it is very important in the process, because it determines the quality of the circular column formowrk, and the method is also very important when we are constructing. When the circular column formowrk is constructed, the formwork and its embedded parts and reserved holes shall meet the design and process requirements. The formwork and the support members shall be accepted after entering the site, and the relevant standards may be used before they can be used. In order to eliminate the inelastic deformation of the bracket, it should be pre-stressed before the bracket of the cast-in-place concrete structure is officially used. The façade or plane of the bracket structure should be securely mounted to resist vibration or accidental impact. When the design has requirements or construction requirements, triangular ribs can be added to the corners of the formwork. In addition, during the use of the circular column formowrk and the bracket, it should be checked regularly, and if there is a problem, it needs to be solved in time.

The circular column formowrk adopts the unique concave-convex groove design to avoid the phenomenon of running slurry and slurry leakage during the construction process. How to use the formwork safely? When stacking the circular column formowrk, it should be face-to-face, back-to-back, to prevent dumping, and save the stacking site, and the adjustment screw of the formwork bracing should be adjusted, and the wooden block or the wooden side can be placed under the formwork to avoid the connected corners. The bottom of the mold is deformed. For the settlement joint formwork and adjustment formwork without the diagonal bracing, the steel pipe stacking frame shall be set up on the site, and the stacking frame shall be provided with scissors and two-way oblique support. For cranes that lift the formwork, the mechanical operation should be checked frequently, and the hooks and rigging are often checked. When installing and removing the circular column formowrk, the crane driver and the installer should work closely together to stabilize, stabilize, and stabilize the position, preventing large swings and collisions with other objects.

The use of the circular column formowrk solves the problem of heavy steel molds, which can improve the efficiency of installation, and the improvement of installation efficiency also provides the basis for the pouring of the cylinder, which makes the work efficiency greatly improved. If you extend the service life and turnover times, you can greatly reduce the cost of construction. Therefore, the circular column formowrk improves the construction efficiency.