Under the COVID-19 epidemic, how did China’s round column formwork change in response to the market downturn

The spread of the epidemic has two sides. Isolation is a viable method but it is very costly. Cost issues have made our production plants aware. Customers need a high-quality template that saves manpower and resources.

In the process, we split the large formwork to facilitate installation.

The use of circular column wood formwork in building construction can be said to be more and more widespread, because of the superiority of column wood formwork, it can be installed without relying on lifting equipment, and it can be built at high altitudes, but some people do not understand why the large diameter Or the high-level circular columns need to be misplaced for installation. Today, I will share with you why we need to install the column wood formwork for misplacement and what are the benefits of misplacement.

First of all: the staggered installation can combine the column formwork on the entire cylinder into a whole, reducing the joints of the column formwork, which is conducive to improving the demolding effect of the cylinder.

Second: Misaligned installation can reduce the bearing strength of the column formwork, so that the entire column formwork can be uniformly stressed, and better sealing effect can be achieved at the upper and lower connections.

Reinforcement of circular wood formwork splicing

Furthermore, the dislocation installation can make the cylinder very high at one time, which is more stable for the production of taller or larger diameter cylinders, which can meet the casting requirements of the cylinders, and save the trouble of secondary splicing.At the same time: The misplaced installation of the round wooden formwork helps to strengthen the formwork. If it is installed in a good position, both sides are interfaces, which is prone to unnecessary construction accidents such as blowouts.Schematic diagram of circular formwork misalignment

suggestion: the column wooden formwork with a height of more than three meters can be installed in a different way during construction. The default height of the wooden column formwork produced by Fangyuan is 3 meters, and more than 3 meters will be spliced from two or more with the forSquare Circle Formwork is a famous brand in construction formwork field.It’s been around for 10 years.wwhich located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, the north of China. We have been specializing in developing and manufacturing innovative products for concrete forming,such as Adjustable column formwork clamp,shear wall system,beam formwork clamp,circular column formwork,curved wall formwork, Lift shaft formwork. we also R&D in new Prefab-houses products. Our sales net cover all over China,as well as USA, Korea,Australia,Southeast Asia, District Hongkong-Macau-Taiwan, India. Our solution appears on China Capital New Airport, Shanghai DisneyLand, Samsung China Headquarter,INDIA IGI Airport, Clients are happy with our solution. We have more than 20 warehouse all over the world to fulfil the supply Chain Logistics, with more than 400 after sale service team to ensure our products service on time. ISO9001 certification, machines from Germany, strict raw materials sourcing, experienced management team, skilled workers, ensure the high quality Project.