What are the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of the shear wall structure

1. The advantages of the shear wall structure: good integrity, large lateral rigidity, and small lateral displacement under the action of horizontal force; because there are no beams, columns, etc. exposed and protruded, it is convenient for the interior layout of the room.

2. Disadvantages of shear wall structure: the house can not provide a large space, the structural ductility is generally poor.

3. The characteristics of the shear wall structure one: the overall performance is good, the stiffness is large, the lateral deformation is small under horizontal action, and the bearing capacity requirements are relatively easy to meet. The lateral deformation is curved, but because the spacing of the shear wall cannot be Too large, so the layout is not flexible enough. In order to overcome its shortcomings, the frame-supported shear wall structure and the jump layer shear wall structure will be used.

4. Feature 2: The main function of the shear wall is to bear vertical load (gravity) and resist horizontal load (wind, earthquake, etc.).

5. Feature 3: The shear wall structure is composed of a wall and floor slabs. The disadvantage is that the shear wall cannot be dismantled or destroyed, which is not conducive to the formation of a large space, and the residents cannot modify the indoor layout by themselves.

6. Feature 4: Short-limb shear wall structure is more and more widely used. It adopts a shear wall with a small width (limb-to-thickness ratio). Residents can transform the indoor layout within a certain range, increasing flexibility, but this is because The reduction of the mechanical performance of the entire structure comes at the cost (although there have been experiments and studies showing that this reduction is relatively small).

7. Feature 5: According to the current situation in China, the pure shear wall structure is expensive to construct, difficult to construct, and consumes a lot of steel. Therefore, it is often necessary to reduce the standard due to the constraints of the construction unit and the seismic design of the structure due to the cost. Such structural forms.