What are the benefits of applying a formwork release agent to a circular column formwork

The circular column wooden formwork is painted with a release agent before supporting the formwork, so that not only can it be easier to release the formwork, but also have a certain effect on the maintenance of the formwork.

When the formwork is removed, the well frame, wood, and steel belt around the formwork are removed in turn, and then after standing for 2-3 hours, the formwork will naturally slowly expand and deformwork under the action of thermal expansion and contraction; if there is no natural demoulding , You can use the wooden side to lightly tap the formwork to easily remove the formwork.

If you do not apply formwork release agent before pouring the circular column formwork, the concrete and the circular column formwork will stick together tightly when removing the formwork. In this case, do not use a crowbar to pry up the formwork violently. Damage to the formwork affects the turnover times of the formwork; Xiaobian recommends removing the external firmware.

Benefits of applying formwork release agent to round formwork:

1. Protect the circular column formwork and extend the service life of the circular column formwork. Moreover, the release agent has excellent anti-corrosion and waterproof functions, which can ensure that the formwork is placed outdoors or rainy days without water.

2. Brushing the formwork release agent is beneficial to improve the appearance quality of the concrete, show the “natural color” of the concrete, and achieve the effect of “clean water concrete”. The formworked concrete is marble-like, flat and smooth, consistent in color, delicate in feel, shiny and pollution-free.

3. The surface finish of the paint film is good, and the enamel is naturally formed, which is easy to strip and clean and improve work efficiency.